the hexadrone descover


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Introduction :

Nowedays we are not interested only in earth exploitation and discovery .we have olso many planets in the univers that are interisting and may contain objects , Materials and life signs , so we have to know the maximum of information about planets with using easy ans useful solution .


Well, until this day many of astronots got a lot of problems conserning discovering the planets which are :

-The time : the time it’s not enough for him .

-The power : he lose a lot of power .

-Bad situations : the astro man can be in a dangerous situation (high temperature /less oxygen…) .

Purpose :

We need more time to discover the planets and we want to save the power at the same time and without getting in troubles.

We want to get a precise informations about planets .

We want to move from a place to another faster than before to save the time.

We don’t want to sacrefice with humans life for discouvering .

Background Research :

We made a deap of research in order to get all information in this domain , clearly the method used by astronots to get information about some bodys in the univers is difficult , that s why we choose to make this multifunction drone .

Our project name is the hexadrone it is composed by 3 principal parts wich are responsabale to mesure the despths of holes or distances by the lazer rangefinder ; to mesure the dimensions of bodies in planets by manupulator arm for small things and infrared light for the big bodies .

All this capturs are fixed in a hexapo-dron which can move by fliying or by walking for a faster actions


All the information getting by this project can be shared between the anstronots thanx to an intelligent dispositif

conclusion :

With this project we can save the time and have more information with better details than the past we can save energie and it protect humans life

Resources Used
Made inAriana Tunisia
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