VR Solar System Exploration


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NASA APP challenge :

Problematique :

NASA has vast sea of crud information laying arround open to the public but few are the people who can interprete them.

Objectif :

To Create a Natural and Interractive Graphical user interface presenting all this knowledge and data to the general public.

The epic journey of space travel is no longer a fantasy.

Our objective is to promote aeronautics among people and especially youngsters , to prepare the next generation of Astronauts and Astrophysicists.

Solution :

From the palm of your hand Dive into an immersive and Unique Experience.

Explore Earth and the Solar System, its planets, Commets, astroids ... as if you were floating in Space.

Layers of information provided by NASA's Open DATA will be incoded whithin your travels in a fun way as you discover more about the universe.

Resources Used

NASA 3D Ressources

All OpenData

Made inAriana Tunisia
from the minds of