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Have you ever wanted a rocket pack to soar amongst the sky? Now you can … on Mars… Gravity is less, atmospheric density is less, and the vistas are breathtaking. So come to Mars...

Buck Rogers aside, Mars is an interesting environment for out-of-this-world mobility options for an explorer. This challenge asks for the definition of a conceptual mobility solution to allow an astronaut to easily and rapidly explore Mars including overcoming obstacles such as cliffs, ravines and other difficult terrain. The solution should be person-portable and any means or source of propulsion be locally produced.

This challenge can be answered by:

  • producing an app to simulate your adventures in building your jet pack and flying around Mars;
  • produce an app that provides the local gravity, atmospheric conditions (density, weather, anything-else-of-interest) to help decide what is needed for your jet pack design;
  • perform a feasibility/conceptual study of an actual jet pack design that could use potential Mars fuel sources; or Design and Demonstrate a model scale jet pack using hardware.

We have been searching for real solution for the transportation problems in Mars. The main problem was the terrains and how to cut through long distances in sort time, to give us more time to explore the planet.

Magnesium can burn in a CO2 environment, that was the first fact that we have used to build our project. We have created a jet peck that uses the energy coming from burning magnesium in the atmosphere which is 95% CO2. The Martian surface is full of magnesium. Additionally,we have used wind turbines to make use of the huge storms on mars and we will use it to charge batteries which the astronaut will take with as a power source.

With those 2 solutions we have achieved our goal which is securing a way of transportation depending on mars local sources.

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