Rise like a Balloon, Fly like an Airplane, Orbit like a Satellite

Global Nominee

Rise like a Balloon, Fly like an Airplane, Orbit like a Satellite received a Global Nomination.


Have you ever wanted a rocket pack to soar amongst the sky? Now you can … on Mars… Gravity is less, atmospheric density is less, and the vistas are breathtaking. So come to Mars...

Buck Rogers aside, Mars is an interesting environment for out-of-this-world mobility options for an explorer. This challenge asks for the definition of a conceptual mobility solution to allow an astronaut to easily and rapidly explore Mars including overcoming obstacles such as cliffs, ravines and other difficult terrain. The solution should be person-portable and any means or source of propulsion be locally produced.

This challenge can be answered by:

  • producing an app to simulate your adventures in building your jet pack and flying around Mars;
  • produce an app that provides the local gravity, atmospheric conditions (density, weather, anything-else-of-interest) to help decide what is needed for your jet pack design;
  • perform a feasibility/conceptual study of an actual jet pack design that could use potential Mars fuel sources; or Design and Demonstrate a model scale jet pack using hardware.

Have you ever dreamed about going to space, standing on another Planet and seeing earth among the stars? I do, and I believe that becoming a multi planetary species will be the the most important step in evolution.

My solution can rise like a balloon from Hellas Planitia, fly like a plane over Olympus Mons, land at the Curiosity rover or leave to orbit. It can remain airborne for unlimited time and distance and autonomously follow and pick up a user. It exceeds your targets and provides affordable access to space for everyone willing to leave Earth.


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