Origami Space Recycled

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Design and model (virtually, with paper or 3D printed) the packaging of key mission components for size constrained spacecraft to minimize stowed volume, but maximize capabilities.


There is only so much volume a rocket can carry into space. Solar Arrays, parachutes, habitats, storage tanks, inflatable aeroshells all could be packaged more effectively to enable more cargo on any given launch, or perhaps even reduce the number of launches needed to deliver goods to space.


Spacecraft: Consider how to stow a spacecraft for launch within size constraints (i.e. cubesats or EELV Secondary Payload Adapter (ESPA) class payload), then deploy to a desired shape to maximize mission capabilities.


  • Folding frames that support an inflatable habitat placed inside. Typically inflated habitats want to be spherical, and it is an added complexity to make them different. However, what if the habitat had an external "skeleton" to keep the inflatable habitat in a desired shape.
  • Design various configurations inside the habitat, separating work and living spaces, creating "beds" or other private spaces for the astronauts etc.

Spacecraft components: folding materials such as parachutes, antenna, trusses or solar sails so they deploy efficiently without affecting the performance of the material.

Other: Self-assembling or self-propelling robots that self-organize or use kinetic energy to perform a function. Disassemble objects and repurpose in a different shape and configuration (modify it into a useful shape). For example, using packaging material from the single-use crew transfer bags (made out of flame-resistant meta-aramid material and heavy foam filling) for other purposes.

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Fernando Junior Cocina 3 years ago
Hello guys. What suggestions do you have about this topic? We are thinking to develop a bed in origami. We are in Naples, Italy.
Do you have some links that may help us ?
David Arenas 3 years ago
Hey check state of the art this http://www2.eng.cam.ac.uk/~sdg/preprint/inflatable.pdf this is the most near aproximation to this Origami space recycled
Joint For Erectable and Collapsible Frames
Inflatable booms
Technical considerations
Fernando Junior Cocina 3 years ago
We thought about an origami habit. Like a semi-sphere that open. What do you think about it?
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