Become A Host

Please note: Applications for hosting a 2016 Space Apps Challenge location have closed.

Bringing Space Apps to a community depends on passionate volunteers like you. Hosts are the command pilots of each local mission. They are responsible for the organization and success of each event. Hosts create a great environment and experience for local innovators. We’re looking for applicants connected to an organization or university, or who may have some experience. Do you want to foster innovation in your community? Review the considerations below, and submit an application to get onboard!

Do I Have The Time?

A successful Space Apps Challenge requires commitment. Fulfilling this mission takes the average host 10 hours each week. Larger events may require more time. As the Host of a larger event, you'll be responsible for recruiting a strong crew to help carry out the mission. These volunteers can help you coordinate the event logistics. Remember that as the event gets closer, you may spend more time finalizing details.

What Would I Do?

A Host organizes every detail of a successful event with their crew. If your event is smaller, you may be on a solo mission! We’ll give you the materials you need to be a great Host. Our resources make it easy for you to plan your local hackathon. Passion for innovation is crucial to being a good pilot! Is that you?

As a Space Apps Host, you will be responsible for:
  • Overseeing your crew of volunteers.
  • Securing a venue in your community.
  • Organizing internet and supplies for registered problem solvers.
  • Communicating event information and updates to your registrants.
  • Recruiting partners or sponsors for your local event.
  • Supporting media outreach and communication.
  • Creating and updating your local event page on the Space Apps website.
  • Submitting project nominations for global award consideration by NASA.
  • Creating local awards and their evaluation criteria (optional).
  • Sharing information about local awards with solvers (optional).
  • Fostering a safe and supportive environment for your local community!

Will NASA Help Me?

We're part of your crew! Our team will provide you and your local innovators support during planning.

Communication is mission critical. You'll participate in bi-weekly calls with our local commanders and other hosts. This is your opportunity to hear status updates and ask questions.

Our toolkit is the ultimate resource. We've built a new mission control platform that allows Hosts to:

  • Access event tips and information
  • Build a local event webpage for the public
  • Manage registrant information
  • Receive updates from the NASA team
  • Share project nominations with the NASA team after the event

How Can I Help My Local Innovators?

Supportive environments foster stronger innovation. You should be accessible to every innovator registered with your location. Your mission depends on empowering all problem solvers from every discipline and skill set.

Hosts are encouraged to organize a Data Bootcamp before the hackathon. We started Data Bootcamp in 2015 as a way to make Space Apps a valuable experience for newcomers to the hackathon experience, and is a great way to create a comfortable environment for new problem solvers. Every innovator can learn the basics of coding, storytelling and working with our data sets at a Data Bootcamp.

We've seen positive results from hosting a Data Bootcamp:

  • Increased engagement among innovators with diverse backgrounds and skills. 
  • More confidence among new and young solvers.
  • Quicker adoption of data tools from beginner solvers.
  • Space Apps registration and teaming among Data Bootcamp attendees.

If you're interested in organizing a Data Bootcamp for your city, visit open.NASA for ideas from the 2015 Data Bootcamp.