EffoRt eMulator ExoSuit (ERMES)

Global Nominee

EffoRt eMulator ExoSuit (ERMES) received a Global Nomination.

Space Station

Find a way to adapt common gym tools for a reduced gravity environment and design a workout routine that can minimize bone and muscular loss while being fun and easy to use during a long term mission. In doing so consider constraints regarding weight (equipment should weigh less than 500kg) and dimensions. Consider incorporating virtual reality to simulate a jog through an astronaut’s favorite Earth destinations or incorporate gaming to motivate users.


Today, life in space involves many techniques but also biological dificiltades to humans. Some of these problems lie in the muscle and bone loss during the stay in microgravity astronauts in space.

With the loss of bone structure, blood is saturated calcium which is also highly damaging to the body, so that a controlled diet and constant monitoring is necessary.

This diet and daily exercise program trying to solve and alleviate these problems. With the ERMES system we would treat both problems at once with a reduced material, technical and cost useful space habitat. Most of the parts can be maked in 3D Printer.

The design is purely mechanical, physical, does not require any electronics. It would be a suit that would emulate the dirario physical exertion of a person in terretre medienta springs and elastic elements that would meet the body gravity. Would create an equivalent to the resistance of gravity, forcing the body to work at a level equal to that ahcemos effort to be on the ground.

In essence, the body would be exercising continuously, forcing the body to consume kalorias, pump blood, muscles and work to preserve bone structure.

The level of effort is not a 24-hour gym, just not to lose the feeling of having abandoned gravity.

The suit would have a small size and ergonomic as possible, without disturbing the work and life

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