Training solutions to reduce hypogravity effects on astronaut physical state

People's Choice Nominee

Training solutions to reduce hypogravity effects on astronaut physical state received a People's Choice Nomination.

Space Station

Find a way to adapt common gym tools for a reduced gravity environment and design a workout routine that can minimize bone and muscular loss while being fun and easy to use during a long term mission. In doing so consider constraints regarding weight (equipment should weigh less than 500kg) and dimensions. Consider incorporating virtual reality to simulate a jog through an astronaut’s favorite Earth destinations or incorporate gaming to motivate users.


The purpose of our proyect is try to reversie the degenerative processes of muscle and bone loss, and back pain trough a circuit training incluying cardiovascular training, strenght exercises, high impact exercises, neck and lumbar movements to improve the astronaut propioception and exercises with body-mind character.

Resources Used

we have used springs to create resistance so as to anchor the astronaut to the ship. This springs will have different conditions to generate resistance for the strength training.

Cardiovascular training is based on the protocols that are employed for NASA yet.

Impact training is lograte trough more springs. We purpose jump versus this springs.

For improve the propioception we have used a simple laser game.

The body-mind training is based on disciplines like as Yoga and Tai-Chi movements take advantage of gravity conditions.

For every exercises we have to use virtual reality glasses to simulate differents situations for the astronaut.

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