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April 23, 2016 @ 9:00amApril 24, 2016 @ 5:00pm
Registration for Space Apps is Closed

TEK-UP private Engineering school, in collaboration with Tunisian Propulsion

Laboratories under NASA incubator innovation program is proud to bring

NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge for the Second Time.

Space Apps 2016 event will focus on bringing students together with

hackers, entrepreneurs and technologists in order to embrace engagement

and collaboration between industry, next generation scientists,

engineers and entrepreneurs.

Get the chance to work individually or in a team, with real NASA data, to solve the challenges pitched by NASA.

Your solution/design will allow you to put your own mark on Space Exploration mission design.

Event Information

Two winners, who will be selected by a judging committee of academia, industry and operations experts, will represent Tunisia at the International Competition.

Solutions Made Here
As refer its name Trash Train is a project designed to deal with the transportation of urban trash from outside your house to multiple garba...
We were inspired by three innovative revolutionary experiences: First, Felix Baumgartner’s challenge, who reached the space using a helium b...
When it comes to airpollution, most solutions are very basic and inefficient . But,Everything is about to change! Say hello to KITOYZ! It...
find out different solutions for long distance communication
On a crée une application qui permet aux agriculteurs de consulter et gérer leurs fermes à distant .
The smart suit phœnix is an extension to the astronautes body and mind. It is rather a compagnon that completes the owner's presence. Equip...
Most of people have the desire to visit the solar system however we don't pocess the means yet."Into the Galaxy" is a virual reali...
By observing the curiosity Project, we discovered a drawback. The machines used to study samples are of a relatively big size. This could be...