NASA Brisbane International

CCIQ/BlueChilli Collaborate Venue at 375 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000 Brisbane Australia

April 23, 2016 @ 9:00amApril 24, 2016 @ 5:00pm
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NASA Innovation Initiative

NASA empowers people from all professional specialisations to apply multidisciplinary skills and knowledge to grand challenges, by inviting them to take initiative, think boldly, and act globally. The NASA Brisbane International will be hosted on the 23rd and 24th of April 2016.

Event Information

Innovation Incubator

The NASA Open Innovation Initiative cultivates a fertile environment for seeds of innovation to germinate, take root, and flourish to benefit society as successful products and solutions.

Global Collaboration

In a world-wide collaboration, local delegates correspond with international teams during the weekend-long event. In 2015, the global event took place in 133 locations, where 13,000 participants worked on 949 innovative projects. The international competition attracts talent from a multiplicity of disciplines, including science, engineering, technology, mathematics, health, law, business, education and creative industries.

Corporate Support

It is with great privilege that we proffer to partner with companies to host the inaugural NASA Brisbane International Open Innovation Initiative. This partnership would be highly invaluable to NASA, companies and delegates alike, as it would enable:

  • Innovative ideas to be incubated and accelerated.
  • The weekend event to feature distinguished speakers, mentors, and judges.
  • The facilitation of interactive workshops and demonstrations.
  • The innovation lifecycle of projects to extend beyond the weekend event.
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