SpaceApps Brussels @ Co.Station

5 Parvis Sainte-Gudule, 1000 Brussels, Belgium Brussels Belgium

April 23, 2016 @ 10:00amApril 24, 2016 @ 6:00pm
Registration for Space Apps is Closed

A Space Hackathon in the heart of Europe... Come and join us in Brussels and lets find solutions to the worlds problems and beyond!

Event Information

The venue is very centrally located, minutes from Brussels Central Station, minutes from Grand Place and a host of culinary masterpieces!

If you have a space-suit, suit up! Else you're free to come as you are or come as you want to be launched into space!

We will provide snacks and drinks, but are still hunting for catering sponsors!

Solutions Made Here
The idea is to implement the technology used by MX3D (The robotic arm) to make a structure for a rocket inside one of the bays of the VAB.Th...
Bounder is a drone navigation system that works with just a SIM card and an arduino. Flight telemetry data is sent two-way via 3G/4G, so the...
We created an app mockup to educate children like us about the moon in a fun and interactive way. We added a login that allows parental cont...
Our solution will help kids to learn more about jet packs and encourage them to learn more about cats... I mean space.