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April 23, 2016 @ 9:00amApril 24, 2016 @ 4:00pm
Registration for Space Apps is Closed

The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaborative hackathon focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space. NASA is leading this global collaboration along with a number of additional government collaborators and 100+ local partner organizations.

We are collaborating with Boston Children’s Museum this year.
The winning team’s project will be presented at their 1st annual Boston Mini Maker Faire on July 23, 2016.

In 2016, Boston returns with this event for round 3 of ground-breaking ideas. In addition to hosting our local teams, Boston will also host several special teams. These ‘mixed’ teams comprise of members from both the Boston and Tokyo ISAC, and satellite locations at U-Tokyo and will collaborate across continents.

Event Information

ISAC Boston local site:



Venue: Harvard Graduate School of Design,

Galaxy GSD

Day 1

4/23/2016 (Sat)

9:00am Breakfast/sign-in
9:30am Takeoff
12:00pm Lunch
3:00pm Coffee break
8:00pm Dinner and Progress check

Day 2
4/24/2016 (Sun)

8:00am Breakfast
12:00pm Landing/stop hacking, lunch time
1:00pm Presentations
2:30pm Results
3:00pm Good bye, get some sleep!

Solutions Made Here
HypnosVisual & Auditory Stimulation for Circadian ProgrammingSleep deprivation is a major impediment to the viability of extended space ...
Data accessibility; one of mankind’s most powerful tools in adaptation and yet still a missing critical component in the forefront of space ...
Complete physical exercise with minimal weight and apparatus.
We have created a 50% feasibility study, 50% simulation as to the challenges and weather standards for the use of jetpacks on the surface of...
Since this is the first project to send human beyond the distance from Earth to Moon, we need to make sure our astronauts are safe.360 Unive...
Space Station 66 is a VR simulation that allows you to see what it would be like to build, live and work on a space station. You can build n...
When flights are delayed, airports get crowded, people get stranded, and airlines have to compensate. Wouldn't it be great if travelers coul...
With longer space travels, the mental state of space travelers becomes more important to the success of the journey. During their trip to Ma...