mLab @ Workshop 17

The Watershed, 17 Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, 8001 Cape Town South Africa

April 23, 2016 @ 8:30amApril 24, 2016 @ 5:00pm
Registration for Space Apps is Closed

Hello Cape Town! mLab Southern Africa is proud to bring to you The International Space Apps Challenge! Join us together with fellow techies, designers, engineers, scientists and space fans @ Workshop 17.

Event Information

Directions: Workshop 17 is located at The Watershed which is right across Portswood Parking at The Waterfront.

Map it

Equipment: Please bring your own workstation, i.e laptop and we will provide some whiteboards, pens and paper to get your creative ideas flowing.

Food: We will provide plenty of snacks, meals and drinks to keep your team fuelled throughout the Challenge.

Sleeping arrangements: Please watch this space for further information regarding sleeping arrangements for the Hackathon.


23 April 2016

  • 08H30 - Registration
  • 09H00 - Welcome
  • 09H15 - Teams setup
  • 09H30 - Ideation and Challenge selection
  • 10H00 - 12H00 Parallel Tracks
    • Getting started with Nodebots (Robots powered by JavaScript) using Arduino or Raspberry Pi hands on workshop [Laptop required]
    • Single Page website development using jQuery or React hands on workshop [Laptop required]
    • Teams that will not be attending the workshops can start working on their solutions and tweet your team name to @mLabSA #SpaceAppsCT
  • 12H05 - Teams present themselves to everyone, Team Name, Where you're from & Challenge selected.
  • 12H30 - Time to fuel up, Lunch Lunch Lunch
  • 13H30 - 20H25 Hackathon continues
  • 20H30 - Participants who will not be hacking overnight are free to go home.
  • 21H00 - 22H00 Time to refuel, Supper time.
  • 22H05 - 23H59 Hackathon continues

24 April 2016

  • 00H00 - 06H30 Hackathon continues
    • Skype Call to Space Apps Cairo
    • Skype Call to Space Apps Pretoria
  • 07H00 - 08H00 Time to fuel up, Breakfast time
  • 08H15 - Roll Call
  • 08H30 - 12H30 Teams to do final touches on their projects
  • 12H35 - 13H25 Teams to work on their presentations, get projects ready for judging
  • 13H00 - 14H00 Time to refuel, Lunch time, final destination is near.
  • 14H15 - 15H15 Teams to present their projects to judges and other participants
  • 15H30 - 15H55 Judges to finalize results
  • 16H00 - 16H20 Announcement of winners & Prize giving ceremony Photos of winners to be taken.
  • 16H25 - 16H30 Word of thanks
  • 17H00 - Estimated time of Hackathon to end
Solutions Made Here
The solution was mainly aimed for every person because we trying to bring exploration and education in a different view that includes fun an...
We have included a voice search method which makes it easy to use the app even in the coldest conditions when it would have been extremely ...
The aeronautical 'Clouds or Contrail' challenge asked participants to give the approximate location of the user on the ground and the approx...
Book-it-to-the-Moon is an app that is implemented for kids from the age of 6 - 12. Its main purpose is for it to be educational and entertai...