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815 W. Market Street, Greensboro, NC Greensboro, NC USA

April 22, 2016 @ 6:00pmApril 24, 2016 @ 6:00pm
Registration for Space Apps is Closed

Welcome to Space Apps Greensboro!

We will be hacking April 23rd and 24th at Greensboro College. (campus map)

We are excited to once again host NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge here are GC. We need students, artists, technologists, scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, and developers to come together with people across the globe collaborate to design innovative solutions for global challenges. ISAC embraces collaborative problem solving to produce relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space.

Our Space Apps will be hosted by Hosted by Geeks without Bounds

Lisha Sterling

On Friday evening we'll be meeting for snacks and talks to give us some context around the challenges that we'll be working on over the weekend. We will be meeting in the Lea Center, on the first floor of Main Building

On Saturday morning, registration is in Proctor Hall West (building 9 on the map) in the atrium on the 2nd floor). We’ll start the day watching the event launch video from NASA and the Global Space Apps Coordination Team and then listen to pitches for projects to solve the challenges that our site has chosen to work on. If you have a favorite challenge or an idea for a solution, come prepared to pitch your idea and recruit a team to work with you! By 11am we'll be splitting up into teams and settling down to work.

You'll have the rest of the weekend to work on the project that you have chosen. You can work on more than one project, if you choose, and some people with especially in demand skills -- such as artists and designers -- often have the chance to collaborate with teams from around the world throughout the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon at about 3pm, all the teams will start preparing their presentations to share their work with the world. You'll upload code, documentation and designs to, and fill out an online form on this website so that local and international judges have a way to see what you've done. At 4pm we'll stop work on our projects, and then each team will present what they've done to the community and local judges. At 5:30 our judges will present certificates and awards to all of the local teams and announce which teams have been chosen to go on for international judging. After that, all the participants will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite project to receive the People's Choice award for Greensboro, which will also go on for the chance to get an international prize.

We are also excited to be partnering with Expedition STEM to podcast our location.

Kids Space Apps!

We are excited to host Kid's Space Apps from 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday, April 23rd in the same location as Space App – Proctor Hall West at Greensboro College. We will be having a number of cool challenges and activities for kids.

Please register as a participant and your role as Kids Apps.

Event Information

Please bring laptops and any other equipment. We have a wireless network you will be able to use during the event. There will be snack provided. A list of food options within walking distance will be available. We are located a few blocks from down town and Tate Street, so there are options close by.

Campus Map

This is a family friendly event, so please act accordingly.

Greensboro College is committed to the inclusion of everyone in our community and all are welcome to be part of space apps. As a private college, recent restroom limitation laws in NC do not apply to us.

How Are The Projects Judged?
There are five areas covered in the international portion of the judging. These are:

  • Impact: How much impact (quality and quantity) can this project have? Does it solve a big problem or a little problem?
  • Creativity: How creative is the approach? Is the project new and something that hasn’t been attempted before? Is it something that isn't being addressed by the market?
  • Product: How well does this project fit the needs of the challenge it addresses? How user friendly is the technology? Is it a complete solution or does it have a long way to go?
  • Sustainability: How good is the plan for next steps? How prepared is the project team to continue their work beyond the event? Is the project organized in a way so others can take the project to the next level?
  • Presentation: How well did the team communicate their project? Are they effective in telling the story of the project and why it is important?

In addition, we will have local awards for projects, teams, and individuals based on participation, collaboration (in a team, across teams, internationally), and active learning (how far did you stretch yourself?).


All events will be on Greensboro College Main Campus

Data Bootcamp April 16 - 1:00 Pm – 5:00 PM Proctor Hall West

Space Apps Pre-Party April 22nd 6-9 PM Lea Center, Main Building

Space Apps Hackathon – Proctor Hall West

April 23th 9:00 Am – 9:00 PM

  • 9:00 AM Onsite registration and check in
  • 9:45 AM Opening remarks and project pitches
  • 11:00 AM Break into groups to work on projects
  • 9:00 PM Build closes for the night

April 24th 9:00 Am – 6:00 PM

  • 9:00 AM Sunday open remarks
  • 10:00 AM Group work continues
  • 4:00 PM Groups upload all projects and prepare presentation
  • 4:45 PM Group presentations – Proctor Hall West 109
  • 5:30 PM Judging and Awards – Proctor Hall West 100

Parking is in the lot behind Proctor Hall West or next to the Admissions Building (Lot A)

Solutions Made Here
The solution is a data glove to be worn by astronauts as part of their space suit, and a network of wireless devices that provide communicat...
In my backyard displays information about nearby site that are significant to NASA to the user. A user can simply click the buttons for eac...
We are taking a normal payload space and doubling totripling the space once it is deployed.
There is one person who is it, and they have the hula-hoop. Theythrow the hula-hoop at their opponents. If it touches the opponent, they are...
A competitive component can also be added. Most exercise bicycles feature a screen that provides a readout of calories burned, distance, spe...
The Problem:Very soon, we'll have astronauts exploring underground environments on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. Radio communication will ...
There would be two teams. Each team would be trying to get through to the other side of the space the game was played in. If you are hit, yo...