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Registration for Space Apps is Closed

Is this event for me?

You're a designer, engineer, accountant, writer, artist, developer, student, entrepreneur, project manager or jazzed-up space nerd, have you ever thought that you could help NASA to solve earth & space related issues?

Yes you can! You know how?

NASA is hosting an International Space Apps Challenge where we welcome the problem solvers and innovators of all ages and from different backgrounds to solve the 26 challenges categorized in 6 missions; just bring your brain, laptop, and passion for space. NASA challenges are available at the challenges section at the top right of this page. NASA people and other experts will be available to help participants find more information, data and complete their projects. Go and pick your challenge to improve life on Earth and beyond!

What exactly is NASA International Space Apps Challenge?

As already explained in the 'About' section (top right of this page) NASA Space Apps challenge is an international competition that will take place simultaneously in over 150 locations around the world. Participants, from various different professional backgrounds, come together to form a team and solve challenges proposed directly by NASA. These challenges are focused on creating an impact on the life here on Earth as well as in Space. Read more about the challenges here. Please read through them prior to the event and select the challenge that you'd like to focus on.

How can I register /participate?

Just click on the registration button at the top of this text. Registration is completely FREE OF COST. Though there is no mandatory requirement to form a team but we recommend you to form the one for you having a members with varied skill-sets (depends on the challenge you pick up). This will only help you to innovate better and without much overload. After all, bringing together very diverse skills and talents is often a key to breakthrough innovation!

How/When do I form a team?

You can form your team at any time. If possible, we recommend that you form at least the foundation of your team prior to the event. You can then complete your team by adding 'free agents' at the event to round out your team.

If you do not have a team prior to the Space Apps weekend - don't worry!!! Register and show up and we'll make sure that you find a team that can benefit from your skills and insights.

Feel free to use our Facebook page to advertise your skills and look for a team.

Please note that all team members should register on the Space Apps site so we can be sure we have resources to support everyone who will be participating. Moreover, you will not be able to add your team members to your project page if they have not registered.

Since the event is called Space Apps, do the solutions need to be applications?

In spite of the name, it is not just about APPS! There are challenges that involve robotics, data visualization, hardware, design, and many other innovative elements!

We recommend you to visit previous year's challenges and review the projects and solutions of the previous winners. This will help you to get a fair idea about what the last year's participants did to beat up the challenge!

Links to the previous year's hackathon are:



Where can I find the data?

Use the following resources on this Github page to supplement your solutions to each Space Apps challenge!


You'll also find contact info for the challenge owners of each Challenge page on this site. Feel free to reach out to them with questions and for clarifications.

Be sure to visit data.nasa.gov to explore NASA data sets and familiarize yourself (and your team) with the data prior to the Space Apps Challenge event.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring whatever you think you will need to create your solution. We will provide power and internet access but you are responsible for bringing your own laptop or in case of any hardware solution - soldering gun, scissors, etc. Though we have ensured the adequate bandwidth and network handling to give you an uninterrupted internet service but we would still advise you to bring your internet dongle with you, just in case of contingency!

Any other queries /additional information?

Please visit the FAQ page here. We recommend you to spare some time and go through the FAQ page. We promise, it's not too lengthy but a must read page ;)

Reading the FAQ page will only clear many of your upcoming and 'not imagined yet' doubts in advance.

You could also put your other unresolved queries on our Facebook page or email directly at keshav.rkt@gmail.com. Our team of experts would make sure to clear all your doubts.


Saturday, April 23rd

• 09:00 Registration opens

• 10:00 Welcome & Introductions

• 11:00 Start creating!

• 13:30 Lunch (paid by participants)

• 19:00 Dinner (paid by participants)

• 20:00 Continue through to midnight!

Sunday, April 24th

• 08:00 Start back up!

• 11:00 Session on the format of the final presentation (discussing & query handling)

• 13:30 Submission deadline and lunch

• 15:00 Presentations to the judges (time slots depend on number of teams participating)

• 17:00 People's Choice voting

• 17:15 Winners announced /prizes distributed

• 17:45 Closing and see off!

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