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April 22, 2016 @ 8:00amApril 24, 2016 @ 6:00pm
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IEEE ISSAT Sousse Student Branch is proud to host the NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge for the First Time.

Space Apps 2016 event will focus on bringing students together with hackers, entrepreneurs and technologists in order to embrace engagement and collaboration between industry, next generation scientists,engineers and entrepreneurs.

Get the chance to work individually or in a team, with real NASA data, to solve the challenges pitched by NASA.
Your solution/design will allow you to put your own mark on Space Exploration mission design.

Event Information

Three winners, who will be selected by a judging committee of academia, industry and operations experts, will represent Sousse-Tunisia at the International Competition.

Official website of the NASA's Space Apps Challenge Sousse :


********** 23 April 2016 ***********

08.30am Welcome & Registration

09.00am Opening Ceremony

11:00am Challenge Begins!

04:00pm Lunch break

05:00pm Challenge Continues

08:00pm Site Closure

********** 24 April 2016 ***********

09:00am Challenge Updates

10:00am Challenge Continues

01:00pm Submission Deadline

01:00pm Lunch Break

02:00pm 1st Judging Round

04:00pm 2nd Judging Round

06:00pm Closing Ceremony & Awards

08:00pm Site Closure

Solutions Made Here
The use of a complex system of sensors, comunicate system (real time ) to locate and determine exactly the problems ,using multiple choices ...
Creating a revolutionary connected watch that will be able, not only to precise the climate change but as well the physical conditions for ...
Based on an already existing vest mesuring heart rate and breathing patterns during sleep, we decided to design an additional accessory that...
we took advantage of the heigh level of co2 and low gravity to create a smart suit and a jet packwe used the mit space suit as a start , ...
‘’Blue Ice ‘’ is a solution invented to tackel the problem of sea-ice accidents in Alaska contrebuted by the melting or the breaking of ic...
we are going to make people contribute at creating NASA's imagery and climate data.
this project represent a new kind of rocket combine with some kind of satellite capable of reaching MARS and hold a crew in the cabinet that...