Space Apps Challenge Warsaw

Aleja Poniatowskiego 1,03-901 Warsaw Poland

April 23, 2016 @ 9:00amApril 24, 2016 @ 7:00pm
Registration for Space Apps is Closed

We start at April 23rd - Saturday morning solving problems and finding solutions for our tech & cultural future, for continuously development of our expansion in Space, Life on Earth and Society.

Solutions You'll create will possibly influence real life and often are great starter for science, technological and commercial startups.

The best way to compete is to participate as a team of 4-5 members with diverse skills and competences. You can participate as an individual or a smaller number team, but from our experience we see that those 4-5 are most successful.


Think about Your solution as a whole concept:
- plan it: what kind of needs it satisfies or what kind of solution it gives - describe what You want to achieve and write a scope for the hackaton and future iterations,
- design it: create mockups of usage, user stories, get close to it's insights - design user paths, interfaces, public communication or anything that regards Your solution,
- develop concept: create prototype, example of usage around real data - it involves coding, building, and calculating in most of the cases, a lot of writing and researching + simulating the usage,
- describe the insight: prepare presentation around story of Your solution,
- pitch to Jury about Your solution with the presentation.


Jury choose 2 solutions for finals in USA, those 2 are judged by Experts from NASA. 25 best teams are invited to the great FINAL in US.

Extra award is gives with the nomination to People's Choice Awards.

We are preparing some local awards as well, so be cool and wait for the info.



Does the project address the challenge in a new, clever way?
Does the GitHub file include code?
Which state of maturity does the project represent?

[Note: Some ideas are so novel that they score well for their game-changing potential, even if the project isn’t complete -- specifically, the global award for Best Mission Concept. The project page should include a product design for future plans.]


Does the project have potential to bring change?
Could the project plausibly shift behavior?
Does the project address environmental issues?
Could the project advance the state of technology?


Is the project page complete?
Is the team or solver telling the solution's story well?
Is that story attention-grabbing, authentic and passionate?
Does the story communicate why the team is special?
Does the story provide context or do a reviewer need to refer to documentation to understand?
Is the team's personality reflected in the story?

Event Information

The hackaton will take place in over 180 other locations worldwide. Location is Business Link PGE which is Stadion Narodowy.

We start at 9 am and will finish around 7 pm next day (April 24th), with results.
Whole plan of the event, extra mentoring sessions, catering we will update in the next couple of days.


During the event there will be possibility to bring Your own food, there will be buffet where You can buy lunch, dinner and snacks. Additionally there is a lot of restaurants and fast foods on Saska Kępa.

Coffee, tea and water is free and in any amounts.


We will be able to provide You hardware to support Your work during the event:

ESTIMOTE: we have 3 dev kits for beacons + 2 beacon sticker packs - 1st come 1st serve here - It would be awesome if You could provide us challenges topics that You're Interested in.

3D Printer: The Rapid Troopers (on of the mentors), will be with 3D printer: so there is possibility to perform some 3D modelling for prototypes - They will be available ONLY during SATURDAY - so as with beacons please, let us know about Your topics and 3D Printer usage of Your team.

WI-FI - let see how this optical wires transfer all the good (science I mean), stuff. We will be having 2 Wi-Fi networks:

One main, 2nd one support.


IBM Bluemix will provide it's solutions, but only on trial version for now. We strongly encourage to use it as it gives the complete solutions for developing any ideas.
Here You can find great library of materials how to start and use it effective way: IBM Bluemix Library

We encourage to use GitHub as well.


Please remember that final results are performed in 2 min long pitch + Q&A with judges. We can make it longer if possible.

The materials to help this out will be provided.


Everything should be Open Source. :)

We will keep You updated via e-mailing, facebook channel and twitter.

In any other cases, please contact: (Rafał), (Kinga).


SATURDAY 9:00 - 23:00 (we start with registrations, opening, working),

SUNDAY 7:00 - 18:00 (work continues, pitching, results and closing).

We had plans for whole night hackaton, but venue provider found some security issues and ask us kindly to continue work the next day. However we will try to work around providing the venue for the whole night. We will keep You informed, be cool. :)

Solutions Made Here
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Lungs Watcher, a mobile solution for the sector of Sport and Tourism. Application was created on the response of the needs of Runners and Bi...
Open MarsPlayer is an astronaut on young Mars colony. One day, during science expedition he is suprised by dust storm. Through radio he is i...
We want to explore the childish need to learn things by touching and grabing. Using Augumented Reality our app lets the user find the curent...
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