People's Choice Nominee

HoloCube received a People's Choice Nomination.


Develop a web tool, mobile device app or add-on for existing apps or websites that leverages NASA imagery and climate data to illustrate the impacts of our changing Earth in areas of interest to you. Some ideas to explore include:

  • Use NASA Earth observations data, social media, smart phones, and Short Message Service (SMS) text phones to collect Earth observations and connect public in local, regional, and national networks to communicate about our changing planet.
  • Examine current natural events curated by NASA’s EONET (Earth Observatory Natural Event Tracker) by browsing global historical and near real-time imagery from space.
  • Upload images or other data points demonstrating visible observations and how they compare to satellite data. For example, generating early-warning alerts or validating precipitation rates reported from NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement Mission.
  • Integrate NASA imagery with a mobile assistant to allow for dynamic image generation based on a basic request structure.

Kids at a young age don't have a lot of opportunity to explore space and get excited. Especially kids between 5 - 15 years old

HoloCube let's kids explore space with their friends and learn new things. It creates a starry night and constellations inside their bedrooms, and exposes them to the wonders of space It's their personal buddy which grows with them, teaches them, challenges them, and helps inspire them

One of the features of HoloCube is that you need to engage with your peers and other experts in order to unlock more mysteries locked in the cube. This helps them form a smarter friend group around something they love doing

Buying a holocube is as simple as answering: "Do I want my kids to have a toy that's fun and teaches them new things"

Resources Used

Intel Edison, Grove kit, Cylonjs, Microsoft Azure (ongoing), "Be a martian" website by JPL/NASA, JP , Microsoft, Intel and HybridGroups employees

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