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Global Finalist

Based World made it to the Global Award Finals (Top 25)


Develop a web tool, mobile device app or add-on for existing apps or websites that leverages NASA imagery and climate data to illustrate the impacts of our changing Earth in areas of interest to you. Some ideas to explore include:

  • Use NASA Earth observations data, social media, smart phones, and Short Message Service (SMS) text phones to collect Earth observations and connect public in local, regional, and national networks to communicate about our changing planet.
  • Examine current natural events curated by NASA’s EONET (Earth Observatory Natural Event Tracker) by browsing global historical and near real-time imagery from space.
  • Upload images or other data points demonstrating visible observations and how they compare to satellite data. For example, generating early-warning alerts or validating precipitation rates reported from NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement Mission.
  • Integrate NASA imagery with a mobile assistant to allow for dynamic image generation based on a basic request structure.

Based World is an open source project which serves to inform the public about everything natural disasters-related. A combination of current events, real-time updates from news and social media outlets, neural networking analysis and insightful information are brought together on an intuitive 3d representation of Earth to help users better understand the world around them.

Based World is for the people. We sought out to address the general lack of user attention span by designing a captivating user interface, keeping readers interested and entertained. In addition, we also kept in mind the rush of everyday life, and made Based World a mobile-friendly app for those constantly on-the-go. Through its unparalleled insightfulness and innovative interface, Based World serves as an application that makes it easier than ever before to become informed.

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Resources Used

NASA EONET, NASA GIBS, IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, IBM Watson Weather Insights, Twitter/Google API, NodeJS, ReactJS, ThreeJS, Primus

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