Tupac Katari in Steps NASA


Collect and develop geotagged information about local ties to space and aviation to incorporate within geo-based games/web applications/tools. Many apps and programs exist that allow users to input information about a location that corresponds to the real world. Public information and historical space events could be added to the location within the program. While exploring a new region, users can learning new facts about how the community played a role in new scientific discoveries or innovations in aviation or spaceflight.


For topical we see it is that people from last generations begin to forget as much as the important historical facts and technological advances
Q people are also increasingly attached to technology
Therefore the solution is
Create a video educational game
Where Tupac Katari players to embody a revolutionary leader who is transported by a time portal to all the most important historical facts NASA
where videos of eveneto information will be displayed in addition to teaching players how to launch a rocket
about space stations
and much more

Resources Used

unity 3d



RPG marker

Made inCochabamba Bolivia
from the minds of