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Collect and develop geotagged information about local ties to space and aviation to incorporate within geo-based games/web applications/tools. Many apps and programs exist that allow users to input information about a location that corresponds to the real world. Public information and historical space events could be added to the location within the program. While exploring a new region, users can learning new facts about how the community played a role in new scientific discoveries or innovations in aviation or spaceflight.


Our team have developed the App which can show the map added the precipitaion amount of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The conventional method can be expressed only two-dimensional information (ex. between precipitation and place), and the provided information is limited.

By Combining the three IT technologies(D3.js , E2D3 , leaflet), the precipitaion amount is shown on the map. In order words, our method enables us to express the relationship of the multidimensional information(ex. distance and position and precipitation).

When you encounter a disaster(for example earthquake), it is important to get the proper information immediately. We believe the good data visualizations save people.

Our App is working on Microsoft Excel, which has the huge number of users in the world. So everyone can make the Data visualization easily.

Resources Used

Precipitation data by Japan Meteorological Agency

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