To develop app that enables these hunters to make scientifically informed decisions that reduce their vulnerability to environmental hazards. This tool will:

  • Create a local record of climate change;
  • Draw attention to problems in the community related to climate change;
  • Increase cross-cultural communication among scientists and the community; and
  • Support efforts of language revitalization and transfer of intergenerational knowledge.

IceTrack is a solution for navigating around ice and other hazards in the rapidly changing Arctic region. It combines satellite data with path planning algorithms to find safe routes for ships travelling through. Users such as local inhabitants, scientific expeditions or cruise ships will be able to take advantage of new routes opening up as the sea ice extent is decreasing on an annual basis, dramatically improving safety and decreasing time and cost of travel.

Resources Used
  • NASA Terra MODIS Sea Ice and Snow Cover data
  • OpenLayers JavaScript library
  • A* Path planning algorithm implemented in Java
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