To develop app that enables these hunters to make scientifically informed decisions that reduce their vulnerability to environmental hazards. This tool will:

  • Create a local record of climate change;
  • Draw attention to problems in the community related to climate change;
  • Increase cross-cultural communication among scientists and the community; and
  • Support efforts of language revitalization and transfer of intergenerational knowledge.

As we all know most of the times hunting can be dangerous and risky, especially when it comes to weather conditions and that's why we wanted to create SmartHunt. SmartHunt is the ultimate app for the hunters that will help them getting accurate information in appropriate time and place.
The app will include these features:
- Weather conditions including local weather, maximum and minimum temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud coverage and humidity.

-Global Map including location of the person, map view, satellite view, 3D view

-Emergency Button. A build-in emergency button in case if anything wrong happens. The hunter just clicks the button and location data of the person is sent directly to the nearest emergency station.

And the best feature :
Using the application without an internet connection and still getting accurate information with the help of the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) program.

Resources Used

-Nasa Space Apps Challenge resources (GitHub)
-Weather Forecast plugin
-HAARP program

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