To develop app that enables these hunters to make scientifically informed decisions that reduce their vulnerability to environmental hazards. This tool will:

  • Create a local record of climate change;
  • Draw attention to problems in the community related to climate change;
  • Increase cross-cultural communication among scientists and the community; and
  • Support efforts of language revitalization and transfer of intergenerational knowledge.

Platform for aggregating information about environmental and weather hazards, as well as local ones in order to provide full potential danger information for people who are performing certain actions in hazardous environment. Platform collects sea ice data, weather forecasts, and potential weather alerts and information about local dangers provided by people using the app on-site. The platform consists of 3 parts - server and data center part responsible for data collecting, synchronization and sharing, mobile app for Android devices taking care of data visualization and communication with servers, and hardware wearable device simplifying and enabling the mobile application use in hazardous environments.

Resources Used

NWS NOAA marine weather forecast services, NWS NOAA sea ice forecasts, AOOS arctic data integration portal

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