SpacePort Futuristic Development

Global Finalist

SpacePort Futuristic Development made it to the Global Award Finals (Top 25)

THE CHALLENGE: Space Route 66
Journey to Mars

Develop a game or virtual reality experience that allows users to build and explore a futuristic spaceport. Potential utilizations that could be incorporated:

  • Horizontal and vertical launch and landing
  • Suborbital and orbital tourist facilities (hotels, crew training experiences, exploration theme park attractions)
  • On-site spacecraft manufacturing facilities
  • Processing facilities for space resources

This is The SpacePort Futuristic Development simulator. In this game, the player can build various buildings - vertical launch pads, hotels, mining factories. We have a special kind of building - the orbital launcher (inspired by the Magnetic Levitation Launch Assist technology). In addition, we implemented a simple resource and money economy. We have made use of real GIS data for constructing our terrain.

The motivation behind creating this simulator is that infrastructure planning is a crucial step in spaceport development. Potential location-related problems can be clearly seen in comparison to planning on paper. In addition, the in-game economy system can help prevent stagnation down the road.

After downloading the project, unzip and run 'nasa.exe' from the main game folder. In-game navigation is: 'W' - move forward, 'S' - move backwards, 'A' - move left, 'D' - move right. Hold the 'Shift' key to move the camera faster. Clicking the right mouse button will cancel building construction

Resources Used

Unreal Engine 4, TF3DM, NASA 3D Models, Cinema4D

Made inPlovdiv Bulgaria
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