HoneyTriangles(They don't taste good!)

THE CHALLENGE: Backfill My Model

Create a tool that will accept a very thin (scaled down), or "surface only" (tessellated model) and "fill in" behind the surface to a sufficient depth to allow printing on a 3-D printer.


Our solution is a scale model of what a stronger infill would be. We used our knowledge of architectural structure to figure out what designs we would create for testing. We decided that a combination of two strong architectural designs that include the hexagon and the triangle. After testing, we had found our model of a mixture of honeycombs and triangles(Honey Triangles) were the strongest.

Resources Used

Our team had used SolidWorks®, 3d Printers, Computers and a whiteboard to design and model. During testing we had used weights, clamps, and measuring devices.

Made inCleveland, OH USA
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