ELA Module

Global Nominee

ELA Module received a Global Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: Origami Space Recycled

Design and model (virtually, with paper or 3D printed) the packaging of key mission components for size constrained spacecraft to minimize stowed volume, but maximize capabilities.


ELA Module is a compact and modular long-term habitat solution.

It consists of an aeroshell, which is compressed within the central ring during the flight. Upon descent, the extendable legs (located on the Module’s outer rings) stabilize the Module on the planet’s surface. The whole Module is then risen and the aeroshell is pressurized and inflated.

Multiple Modules can be connected to build a larger habitat. The interior of each aeroshell can be customized to specific needs of the mission.

The compact nature of the Module will greatly reduce the cost of the launch. Also, standardizing habitat configuration will enable NASA and partner companies to develop the technology needed for long-term surface missions faster, additionally lowering the cost of each mission.

Habitat deployment is fully automated and can be managed remotely from Earth even before the arrival of the crew. Once the crew arrives their only task will be setting up the interior.

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