THE CHALLENGE: Origami Space Recycled

Design and model (virtually, with paper or 3D printed) the packaging of key mission components for size constrained spacecraft to minimize stowed volume, but maximize capabilities.


We are developing three products. The three projects are: A portable table, An Origami Solar Array, Origami Habitat.

A portable table is using light materials to be used in any local. One of the great advantages of this project is the capacity of to be placed anywhere. All the parts of this table can be easily assembled and disassembled. The initial form of the board is a set of fans. The initial structure will slide around the center point.

The steps to assemble this table are the following below:

1 - Fix the table in the place where you want to sit down;

2 - Set the compact board on the tripod socket;

3 - Open the compact board until it turns into a disc.

The main impacts caused by this project are: it's portable, it has low-cost in its fabrication, innovative design (mainly related to assembling and disassembling of the product).

Imagine that you live in an apartment and you don't have many space to accommodate your stuff, this project is perfect for you. Using this table, you can save space and organize your home whatever and anytime you want. Besides, you can take it anywhere you want to go like a camping area, a beach, etc...

An Origami Habitat was designed based on a plane surface that could be turned into a habitat and compact package. The habitat structure was developed based on walls and roofs inflated by air. The edges of the structure must bend until take the final form, as an origami.

This new design can be helpful in the building of Low-Cost Housing using Pre-Cast Technology once you can make the test of the final form and this way reduce the cost even more. It can reduce the work-time necessary to build the house. It also can reduce the cost of the Logistic Inherent to walls and roofs transportation.

You must use this product because now you can achieve your dreams. You can move your house anywhere, besides you can get your dreams house done faster and cheaper.

Resources Used

We used the Software SOLIDWORKS, FUSION 360 and V-REP to develop the project. The SOLIDWORKS and FUSION 360 were used to develop the sketch of our table design. The V-REP were used to simulate the movement of the fan that compose the table.

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