THE CHALLENGE: Origami Space Recycled

Design and model (virtually, with paper or 3D printed) the packaging of key mission components for size constrained spacecraft to minimize stowed volume, but maximize capabilities.


We created a system that will allow astronauts to explore remote areas of space efficiently and with a smaller payload footprint. Our idea utilizes inflatable modules that are stowed inside the launch vehicle, which allows astronauts to quickly deploy the NIMBUS 3000. These modules would be designed to link together to create larger arrays with multi-use modules for greater flexibility.

Base modules would include a Crew Habitation Module, a Communications Module, a Laboratory Module, and a Greenhouse Module. Additional modules could also include: 3D Printing / Manufacturing Module, Additional Storage Module, Telescope / Visualization Module, Supplies Module (for longer voyages).

Attached to the underside of the NIMBUS 3000 would be two vehicles for Independent Exploration both in space and surface missions.

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