Self-propelling robot that self-organize

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Self-propelling robot that self-organize received a People's Choice Nomination.

THE CHALLENGE: Origami Space Recycled

Design and model (virtually, with paper or 3D printed) the packaging of key mission components for size constrained spacecraft to minimize stowed volume, but maximize capabilities.


The project is for a new and better Mars Rover , building on the present, which will explore minerals on Mars and deliver samples from them to a base for further investigation and sent them to earth.

Mars Rover will be equipped with sensors that will allow it to detect and avoid obstacles or bumps in front of him that could damage it or prevent it fulfill its mission. To successfully moving through rough terrain on Mars the robot will be equipped with two chains. Rover will have an additional part that will allow him to transport samples to the base. It will have a rotating part that will use centrifugal force to clear the samples of pollutants and will allow transporting more samples for testing. To save energy the additional part will be powered by kinetic energy from the movement of the robot.

This will help to explore Mars.This will can more accurately determine when and how the planet was created and if there are life lifeforms.This will help in the search for liquid water on the planet and study it for life lifeforms and will help in the search for that if there were multicellular lifeforms.

The minerals that are brought from Mars to Earth except for research they can be used in industry for making jewelry and drugs.

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