Team Indus and Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology (N5 Campus)

Survey # 9, Off Bellary Road, Jakkur Main Rd, Jakkuru Layout, Byatarayanapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092 Bangalore India

April 22, 2016 @ 9:00amApril 24, 2016 @ 6:30pm
Registration for Space Apps is Closed

The 2016 Bangalore edition of the NASA Space Challenge is being organized by Team Indus (winners of the Google Lunar X-Prize) in partnership with The Centre for Internet and Society and the Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology

  • Look at the the challenges posted for this year, as well as the ones solved over the last few years to get an idea of what you might be interested in working on.
  • (Note: The complete list of challenges for 2016 will be posted only a week before the actual event, but some confirmed ones are already posted)

  • You may either form a team with a friend or colleague, or find someone who complements your interest on the days of the challenge

  • Whether you are a designer who likes to work with your hands and mind, a maker who likes to build mechanics and structures, a technologist/engineer who wants to play with hardware, or a coder who is into making apps for the web, play with data and write algorithms, there is space for everyone to contribute to a group challenge in some way.

In then end, judges will select local nominations and winners that will enter the global judging process that shall shortlist the best to receive support and mentorship from flagship organizations including Google and NASA.

Participation is open to all irrespective of Age/Gender/Ethnicity, whether you are in high school, undergrad, a PhD researcher, an amateur scientist or a professional.

Event Information

DAY 1 : Team Indus is located right next to the Jakkur Airfield. While approaching from Hebbal on Bellary Road, take a right turn at the GKVK signal after crossing the road, and you will see a white building on your right hardly 50 metres into that road.


There are many buses that will stop at the GKVK signal :

a) The most popular is the Green coloured bus G9 that leaves from Brigade Road metro Station and takes 40 minutes

b) There also many buses from Majestic (any bus going towards Yelahanka or Devanahalli have to pass through GKVK) - again about 40 minutes

c) Those coming from Sarjapur Road , Electronic City side , Marathahalli side can get a variety of buses including 500/500D etc to Hebbal, and from Hebbal get on either an auto (Rs 80) or any of the above buses going towards GKVK bus-stop from Hebbal bus station.

d) A Taxi (Ola or Uber) from the city centre to GKVK bus stop should be Rs 250 approx

DAY 1 NIGHT HACKERS + DAY2 - At the Srishti Insitiute of Art Design and Technology campus about 15 minutes from Team Indus. There will be a bus arranged on the day to drop those who want to hack all night to Srishti. There will be some mattresses provided that maybe shared.

Those who prefer to go home on Day 1 and come the next day morning (Sunday) directly to Srishti, pretty much the same directions. Get the G9 bus and ask for the last stop at Yelahanka New Town 5th phase bus stop. With the bus depot to your right, walk straight ahead until the dead end. You will see a large cricket ground. The white building opposite to that is Srishti (on the 4th Floor).

NOTE : you could get on a bus that goes to Yelahanka Old Town. In this case, get off the bus at Yelahanka Traffic Police Station and get an auto to Srishti N5 Campus, near 5th phase Bus Stop.


a) Ideally people come in every morning, and leave at night. This is usually a busy region with transport to the city running till late (until 9.30pm), and after which there will be taxis available anyway.

b) Those who do want to rough it out may spend overnight crashing in on matresses that will be provided in Venue : Srishti on the night of Day 1.

c) There is plenty of short eat places around, although we plan to make some provisions for food, details of which will be clearer as numbers are known.

d) A common questions from students -- Yes an official certificate of Participation will be given to participants who complete and present their challenge which you may use for attendance purposes in your institutions.


The event will finish on Sunday the 24th of April at 6:30pm,

and starts on Saturday the 23rd at 8:00am

On Friday at 5:30pm, we will have a pre-event meetup at the Centre for Internet and Society, in Domlur (opp to Domlur Club), look at challenges, get to know eachother and you may start initial work plans.

Although we expect most of the actual designing/hacking and making to mainly happen on Saturday and Sunday, perhaps Friday would be day to warm-up/immerse yourselves on the challenge and meet others.

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