Espacio Wayra / Palermo Hollywood

Costa Rica 5546 Buenos Aires Argentina

April 23, 2016 @ 9:00amApril 24, 2016 @ 8:00pm
Registration for Space Apps is Closed
  • 2 full days off adrenaline !
  • Astronauts live streams !
  • Meeting new people !
  • Being coached by experts in the matter !
  • Resolve global Earth and Space Challenges !
  • Reach aerospace exposure !
Event Information

Espacio Wayra , Costa Rica 5546, Palermo Hollywood, will be our hosting site. Will be greatly connected and with ample bandwith to work productively with whatever Open NASA Data you will need or anything else from the Internet.

Register ASAP so as not to loose your place on this spectacular experience!

Breakfast will be ready at 9:00 AM on opening day so as to start fresh with the initial activities.

Our jury is set!

  • Aerospace industry - Emiliano Kargiemann (CEO, Satellogic),
  • Scientist - Dr. Livio Gratton (Dean, Instituto de Altos Estudios Espaciales ‘Mario Gulich’ - CONAE/UNC),
  • Aerospace industry - Ing. Claudio Gaspar (INVAP)
  • Education – Maximiliano Pisano (Lead, Unidad de Formación Masiva, CONAE)
  • Technology - Ing. Maximiliano Fischer (AIT Chief of Engineering proyecto Tronador II, CONAE)
  • Entrepreneurship - Sebastián Cadenas (CEO, IncreaseCard & jury AngelHack and GSEA)
  • App development – Luciana Reznik (CEO, Wolox)
  • Entrepreneurship – Lorena Suárez (Country Manager, Wayra Argentina)
  • Pre-event meeting to gather team members and make questions through hackpad (virtual) for everyone registered (see other info thru our local page Space Apps Buenos Aires).
  • Apr 23nd: Beginning of Space Apps Challenge Buenos Aires - 9:00 to 21:00
  • Apr 24rd: Ending of Space Apps Challenge - Local awards and candidates for global awards- 9:00 to 20:00
  • Requirements:
    • Don't forget to bring your laptop! You will have ample connectivity but your own hardware is essential for being productive.
    • If possible, also bring one/two power strips ("zapatillas") per team, for being more independent in terms of power supply and geographical dispersion
    • Any other HW & SW you think you may need
    • Whenever possible, interact thru the hackpad when registered, consult related experts, pick your challenge (from the 25 available) and build your team with every skill needed for your project. 3-5 people per team would be optimal.
    • If not, come on the first day, meet other people that may be on your same situation, build your team and start quickly!
    • Food and drink is our responsibility
Solutions Made Here
Based on origami folding techniques, we designed and created an unfoldable emergency shell to cover Mars Exploration Rovers from dust, which...
According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the 69% of flight delays in the National AirspaceSystem are caused by adverse weather...
We created an immersive experience using Google Cardboard and Unity3D to recreate mars in virtual reallity enviroment. Now everyone can enjo...
Our solution focused on research in this NASA sites and Internet on training challenges in space. Once identified creating a new exoskeleton...
Our solution takes care of you and helps you to take care of the others!With #CommunityAir is possible to upload user's symptoms with your l...
We have worked on an MVP of a system that would identify NEOs on a series of images, and using orbit information be able to tag them on imag...
Now it's easy to find out where is water, better grass or a problem around with Easy to Shepherding. This mobile application gives to people...
Water is an essential resource for human life. From solid water there can be obtained: liquid Water, Oxygen and Hydrogen as a carrier for li...
We spacing as an opportunity to maintain mental and physical health of the astronauts, focused on:PHYSICAL HEALTH:LOSS OF MUSCLE MASSBONE DE...